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Robotics Students Work Miracles at Hagley Museum

Kudos to Red Clay robotics team members for their outstanding work at Hagley Museum's STEMtastic Weekend event on January 25!

High schoolers from Cab Calloway School of the Arts, The Charter School of Wilmington, Conrad Schools of Science and Thomas McKean High School led an engaging STEM exhibit as part of the MOE Robotics Team 365, a collaboration between 15 schools in New Castle County, DE, and Chester County, PA.

Known as the Miracle Workerz, the team demonstrated a 2016 robot for visitors and showed families how to operate smaller programmable robots. They also shared activity books created by their peers and showcased a video of robotics competitions.

Special thanks to team mentor Brandi Mycoff of Thomas McKean High School and the rest of the dedicated mentors who helped the Miracle Workerz prepare for the big day!


Superintendent with students

Student demonstrating robot

Student and teacher demonstrate robots

Superintendent, students and mentor