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Read 87 at Richardson Park

Read 87


Fifth grade students at Richardson Park Elementary School were delighted to have some special guests in their classrooms on Monday, February 27, 2017. James Webb III, & Aaron Harrison of the Delaware 87ers, along with professional golfer and author Earl Anthony Cooper were on site to read to several classrooms.


In partnership with The Red Clay Consolidated School District, players and staff members visit schools once per month and read a chosen book to students. Baby Bison’s 1st Homecoming, written by Cooper was the book of choice.


Representatives from Nemours were also on hand to educate and promote the students about healthy lifestyles. Students learned about the “5-2-1-0” model. This includes 5 fruits and/or vegetables each day, 2 hours or less of TV each day, 1 hour of physical daily activity and as close to 0 sugary drinks as possible.