Learning Without Tears Apps

Teachers and students have access to HWT and KWT through ClassLink. All rosters and apps are managed through ClassLink and eSchool. If you or a student need access to an app, please contact the Red Clay Technology Help Desk.

  1. HWT Digital Student App is used by teachers and students in grades 3-4. 
    • Teachers can click the HWT Digital Student App (the app with the rabbit) or the Interactive Digital Teaching Tool (IDTT) app to access the LWT curriculum. Both apps will help teachers gain access to the Interactive Digital Teaching Tools (IDTT). The IDTT website allows teachers to access the student edition, teacher's guide, A+ Worksheet Maker, and the Digital Formation Tools. The Digital Formation Tools can be used on the Smart Panel for modeling and whole group practice. When logged into the IDTT website, teachers can click the Need Help? link at the bottom of the page to view How-To Videos. 

Need LWT Help?

    • Students click the HWT Digital Student App (the app with the rabbit) in ClassLink to access Assignments and Handwriting Tools.
  1. Keyboarding Without Tears is used by students in grades 2-4.
    • Teachers click the Keyboarding Without Tears app in ClassLink in order to view student progress, reports, and teaching resources. 
    • Students click the Keyboarding Without Tears app in ClassLink to practice keyboarding skills at their own pace.