Schoology has combined learning management and assessment management into one easy-­to-­use Assessment Management Platform (AMP), bringing together student learning experiences with comprehensive assessment and actionable reporting.


What is Schoology AMP?  

Frequently Asked Questions about Schoology AMP for teachers:



  • Why is my AMP assessment not in my Schoology course?
    • Are you a teacher of record?   Do you give students grades in eSchool?
      • If the answer is NO to these questions, then your students’ assessments will be located in their teacher of record’s content area Schoology course. The teacher can add you as a co-teacher in their course, so that you can administer the test to your students. Click here to view directions on how to do this.
      • If the answer is YES to these questions, then you should have the Schoology AMP assessments in your content area Schoology Course. If you checked and you do NOT, please email or


  • How do I make sure that students cannot access this test outside of the school day or class period?
    • Availability Windows have been added to all AMP assessments. AMP Assessments are only available to students from from the beginning of the school year through the end of the school year and are limited to school hours and weekdays. 
    • However, you can still “lock down” AMP assessments even further within this availability period. For example: You do not want students to access the assessment outside of your class period times. Click here an follow these directions to complete this task.


  • My student submitted their test, but they did not finish. When my student tries to continue testing, the screen says "You may only make one attempt."
    • Teachers may unsubmit the assessment for students once they have already submitted them. Select Unsubmit next to the student's assessment under "Grading" to place the attempt back into "In Progress". The student can now resume testing. Any work the student had previously completed is saved for them to come back to. 


  • My student has finished the test, but they forgot to press submit.
    • Under "Grading" teachers click and select Submit to move the the assessment attempt into a Completed state. The student will not be able to resume this attempt once you submit it.


  • How do I grade an AMP assessment?
    • Good news! Most question types are automatically graded in Schoology.
    • Teachers need to grade constructive response type questions. Click here to view how to grade these questions by individual student or by question. Grading by question allows teachers to grade all constructive response questions in bulk.


  • My student needs to receive a printed version of the test.
    • Step 1: The teacher prints the assessment by following these directions.
    • Step 2: Administer the assessment to the student.
    • Step 3: Enter the student’s response for each question into Schoology so that the question-level scores and overall score for the assessment can be automatically calculated, the same way it would if the student had taken the assessment online.



  • How do students use text-to-speech on an AMP assessment using a Chromebook?
    • All users in Red Clay are able to install and use the text-to-speech Chrome extension Snap&Read. Click here to learn more. Be advised, students need to be shown how to use the extension and anything on the screen has the ability to be read aloud.


  • How do I preview the assessment before I administer it to my students?


  • How do my students use the highlight feature during an assessment?


  • What testing tools might students be using during the assessment?


  • How can I password protect my assessments so that students must enter the password before beginning the test?


  • How do I view my AMP data?
    • To locate your AMP Assessment Reports:
      1. Click AMP from the top menu in Schoology.
      2. Click Assessment Reports.
      3. Choose the Assessment to view the data and the reports.


  • Why is my AMP assessment data not showing under Assessment Reports?
    • Teachers must grade the subjective questions or open ended questions in an assessment before the test data will be populated in Assessment Reports.
    • Note: Results take 24 hours to populate in the Assessment Reports dashboard after students make submissions or after the teacher has finished grading.