Chrome Web Store Apps and Extensions & Google Play Store Apps for Teachers and Students

Explore the table to view the Chrome Web Store Apps and Extensions and Google Play Store Apps that are approved to be used on district issued Chromebooks and district issued Google Accounts for students. Search by App, Extension, or Play Store. Use the Search Menu to search for a specific type of app by holding down Crtl + F on your keyboard. Type your query into the search menu to search for a keyword on the page or sheet. Use the up and down arrows to locate each highlighted word.

After reading the description, click the link in the title to install the app or extension. Provide students with the Chrome Web Store link to install the app or extension on their student Chromebooks. Teachers can post the link to the app/extension in Schoology for students to easily click and then install.

Disclaimer: Most of the extensions and apps on this list are free, however some of them ask for payment in order to use additional premium features. While the list shows extensions and apps that are open for use in the district, that does not mean that Red Clay has purchased premium plans for all of these extensions and apps. 

For help on how to download a Google Play Store application, click here and follow the instructions.