Schoology Information for Families

What is Schoology?

Schoology is an online course management system that allows teachers to create and manage academic courses for their students. It provides teachers with a method of managing lessons, engaging students, sharing content, and connecting with other educators.


Important Note: If families created a Schoology account in the past, then they do not need to create another one and they do not need to be provided a new code. Parents/Guardians can use their old credentials to log in and are able to view their child's information.

  1. Parents or Guardians need to Sign up for a Parent Account in Schoology using the 12-digit code that was provided to them by their child's teacher or school at
    • The district cannot retrieve your username (email account) or reset your password – please keep this information in a safe location – if you lose this information, you will need to complete the below items.

      • If you lose your Schoology password, please select this link.
      • If you lose the email address used to create your account, you will need to contact your student’s teacher to obtain a new access code and then create a new Schoology parent account.
  2. Next, Parents or Guardians decide if they need to set up their account for multiple children.
  3. Parents or Guardians navigate Schoology.

Parent Demo | Exploring Schoology | K-12 from Schoology on Vimeo

If families need help: