ClassLink Information for Parents

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  • ClassLink is an easy way for your student to access all of the learning applications they use at school. Students access all of their learning applications with a single username and password. ClassLink makes it easier for students to log on so that they have more time to learn and teachers have more time to teach.
  • Bookmark Red Clay's unique ClassLink website:
  • How does my child log in to ClassLink?
    • For Parents: What is ClassLink? Flyer  --  Spanish version of flyer
    • Students log into ClassLink using their Red Clay Google Account Credentials.
      • If your child needs help logging into ClassLink or locating their Red Clay Google Credentials, please contact your child's teacher.
      • Student account passwords can be reset by the school librarian as well.
  • Your child will have different programs and applications in their ClassLink account based on their grade level.
  • Print your student ID Badge from ClassLink
  • Parents' Guide: Easy ClassLink Access during Remote Learning Help Page
  • Share the below information card with your student regarding ClassLink:

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