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Ms. Purcell Honored by the Phillies

On May 3rd at Citizens Bank Park, Ms. Purcell received a distinguished honor as one of the Philadelphia Phillies' MVP teachers. Ms. Purcell, a kindergarten teacher at Linden Hill Elementary, has had a profound impact on students within her classroom. Nominated by a parent who witnessed firsthand her transformative influence, the nomination encapsulated Ms. Purcell's commitment to fostering not only academic growth but also essential life skills. From instilling a sense of right from wrong to empowering her students to advocate for themselves and others, Ms. Purcell epitomized what it means to be an MVP Teacher.

In the nomination, it was stated, "Ms. Purcell has shown children and their families that Kindergarten is not just ABCs and 123s; it serves a greater purpose in helping young children develop life-long skills like understanding structure and cues, learning right from wrong, speaking up and advocating for yourself and others, respecting and accepting people regardless of their differences and that you have the potential for success if you try hard and believe in yourself." These heartfelt words underscored Ms. Purcell's unwavering dedication to her students' holistic development. Through her guidance, kindergarten became a transformative journey of personal growth and empowerment, leaving an indelible mark on the lives of those she touched.