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Welcome to the 2018-19 School Year!

Please read our welcome back letter from Mrs. Ennis.


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  • Green Homes project

    5th grade students in Miss Varites’s class learned about sustainable home design and created model homes for a Sustainable Home Expo. During class, students learned about challenges and issues associated with building homes and how the construction of homes can affect our environment with Mrs. Bartnik and Ms. Szegda. Using resources shared via Schoology, students researched eco-friendly, sustainable design. Community members from Berkshire Hathaway joined the class to share information about home design and real estate marketing. After researching and learning about the best way to design and market a home, the students worked in collaborative groups to plan and build a model ‘green home’ and develop a mock MLS listing to present at our Sustainable Home Expo. Students used ‘trash’ or recyclable materials to build their models, and the models were presented and judged earlier during the Expo.

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  • Cooke Mural

    This year’s mural at Cooke Elementary is Girl with Hair Ribbon, 1965, by Roy Lichtenstein. It is currently being completed with plastic bottle caps that students from all grade levels have been collecting over the past 6 months. The round plastic caps were chosen as a medium to replicate the Ben Day dots of Lichtenstein’s signature comic book style of Pop Art. After caps were drilled with a tiny hole, groups of students periodically pinned bottle caps to a large bulletin board during Art class, filling in each color area. A grid drawing of the artwork was completed by Mrs. Bartnik in order to enlarge the work to an impressive 8’ x 10’. The “Pop” Art mural will be on view at Cooke Elementary through Fall 2018.

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