K-12 Teacher Academy

  • McKean is pleased to offer an exciting new opportunity for students who are considering a career in teaching: The K-12 Teacher Academy!  K-12 Teacher Academy allows students to learn what it takes to be a successful teacher, from successful, experienced teachers. With three prep courses and internship possibilities in local schools, students gain valuable hands-on experience while gaining an understanding of curriculum and instruction. Students are guided through the steps that it takes to continue in the profession upon graduation, allowing them to map out their goals. In addition, students have the opportunity to become members in Educators Rising, and connect with other future teachers from around the country in conferences and competitive events geared to challenging their newly developing skills.
  • Quick Facts 

    What Am I Studying?

    Coursework & College Credit

    • Human Growth and Development
    • Teaching as a Profession
    • Foundations of Curriculum and Instruction
    • Classroom Observations and/or Co-Op
    • Seniors approved for Co-Op may work as aides in local schools
    • Completion of 3-year pathway earns 4-6 college credits in Early Childhood Education at local colleges


    • CPR/First Aid
    • ParaPro


    How am I involved?

    • Student-run business: Tutoring services
    • Member of Educators Rising


    Where will it take me?

    • Entry-level Jobs

      • Paraprofessional
      • School Age Childcare Assistant
      • School Age Childcare Intern
      • Summer School Aide
    • Technical Jobs

      • Paraprofessional
      • School Age Care Program Coordinator
      • School Age Care Program Administrator
    • Professional Careers

      • Certified Teacher
      • Educational Specialist