• We A.R.E. 


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    We A.R.E. McKean

Our Mission

  • The McKean High School community recognizes we live in a diverse world. We vow to empower our students, families, staff, faculty and community to challenge  oppressive structures in our school environment. We seek to enable equity and a voice for all of our members’ races, ethnicities, gender identities, sexual orientations (LGBTQIA+), religions, countries of origin, and languages spoken in our community. Our ultimate goal is to permanently establish a more anti-racist/ anti-biased school, classrooms, curriculum, pedagogy, and environment.

    Actionable Steps and Solutions:


    • Adopt brave space conditions in our communications and meetings

    • Adopt social justice learning standards in our curriculum

    • We prioritize building positive relationships with our students as the foundation of our classrooms and school community.  

    • Analyze data to create more anti-bias in our systems of teaching and learning, student discipline, and other existing practices at McKean

    • Have a Diversity Committee for staff, students, and community partners.

    • Create a yearly strategic plan and Evaluating plan 

    • Include students in our advocacy through the Cultural Celebrations Advisory and the McKean Champions group

    • Keep our page on our school website update:  https://www.redclayschools.com/domain/1426


News & Updates

  • student diversityMeetings are every other Tuesday at 2:30pm

    in Ms. Dukuray's room (B46) or on Zoom

    For details and to join, email Ms. Dukuray


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