• We are extremely proud of our attendance record at Linden Hill Elementary School.  We know that children with good attendance records also demonstrate high rates of success in school.  Attendance is critical in all grade levels.  If illness or family emergencies occur and your child must stay home, please make sure that you send a written excuse note to school.  In the note please include your child’s name, the reason and date of the absence and your signature.  Excessive absences will be referred to the district’s visiting teacher.


    Excused absences include:

    1. Illness
    2. Contagious disease within the home of the pupil
    3. Critical illness and/or death in the family or of a friend
    4. Legal business
    5. Observance of a religious holiday
    6. Doctors appointment
    7. Pre-arranged absence to visit a college/university or other educational experience
    8. Suspension


    Please note that children need to attend school for half the instructional day in order to be counted as present for the day ( e.g., a child with an early dismissal before noon would  be marked absent for the day).