• Talented and Gifted Program

    The talented and gifted program focuses upon enrichment and interests in learning. Students in grades 2-5 are invited to participate in the TAG program based upon their task commitment, creativity and score on a specific assessment. Placement into the TAG program is based on individual evaluations; including teacher nominations, parent nominations, classroom observations and formal assessments. 


    We have a full-time psychologist who is available to assist with the testing and evaluation of children when needed.


    Speech and Language Therapist

    We have a speech and language clinician working with children who need assistance in their speech and language development. Needs are assessed by our clinician.


    Educational Diagnostician

    Our educational diagnostician organizes child study teams in collaboration with the classroom teachers. The child study teams review the progress that children are making and establish future steps promoting student success.


    School Counselor

    Our school advisor/counselor enhances our instructional program through whole classroom, small group and individual activities focusing on the topics of positive self-concepts and the development of social skills. Also, the school advisor/counselor assists students, teachers and parents with normal developmental concerns that all children experience.