• Art

    The art program at Linden Hill is a conceptually based one. Vocabulary words such as pattern, abstract, realistic and overlapping are introduced and reinforced throughout the five year program. Concepts are practiced and applied through various media, art activities and art history.


    In the library, we strive to create a warm, inviting and friendly atmosphere so students will find it an interesting place to visit. Children learn about various authors and illustrators and the special awards given in these areas. All styles of literature, both fiction and non-fiction are covered. Children are taught the check out procedure and the proper care of books. When children come to the library they need to be prepared by returning their book on time. Children are held responsible for the books they check out. Payment will be required for a lost book before another book can be checked out.


    Our music program promotes an appreciation of music. Children are exposed to variety of musical concepts as well as various kinds of music. Students in grades 4-5 also have the option to join our school chorus which meets weekly and presents two performances each year.

    Strings and Band

    The Red Clay School District offers string instruction to the students in grades 4-5 and instrumental music instruction (band) to students in grades 4-5. These elective classes are held weekly and require that families provide the instruments.

    Physical Education

    Our Physical Education program is designed to develop and enhance each child’s physical, social and emotional growth through age appropriate physical activities. Emphasis is placed on five areas:

    • Preparation – children need to wear sneakers that tie or strap snugly onto their feet along with pants and a shirt for gym class.
    • Cooperation – children are expected to listen and follow directions.
    • Team Work – children will work with one another supporting group activities.
    • Sportsmanship – children will follow game rules and will encourage others.
    • Self -Control – children need to be in control of their bodies within the guidelines of the activity.


    We use our media center to help us meet the Technology Standards set for our students in a meaningful and age appropriate way. Through the inclusion of a technology class into our Related Arts Program, students will have a regularly scheduled opportunity to be involved in this center. Initially, the purpose of this class will be to expose students to the many ways in which technology can increase their learning as well as to provide students with the opportunity to become conversant with computers in an introductory way. Additionally, our media center will be available to individual classes to extend their learning opportunities as well as to formalize their work.