Mission Statement

  • Our Vision:

    Stanton Middle School prepares all students for college and careers by providing a standards-based education in a safe and nurturing environment. We empower all students to excel both academically and socially, while inspiring them to be leaders and life-long learners.


    Our Mission:

    To realize our vision, we will:

    • Deliver rigorous, relevant, and standards-based curricula.  
    • Create opportunities for students to demonstrate leadership
    • Prepare students for high school, college, and careers
    • Provide interventions needed to support academic, social and emotional growth


    Our Core Values/Beliefs:

    1. We will have High Expectations for All.
    2. We will commit to Continuous Improvement.
    3. We will engage in Meaningful Collaboration.
    4. We will value Rich Diversity.
    5. We will cultivate Healthy Relationships.
    6. We will prioritize Student-Centered Learning.


    School Motto: Stanton S.O.A.R.s with Falcon Four: Safety, Ownership, Achievement, Respect