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  • The Early Years Program (EYP) services Red Clay children and families of preschool age.  EYP's classrooms serve children with identified disabilities together with peers from the community.  During the 2019-2020 school year, there will be preschool classrooms at seven district sites including:

    Early Learning Center

    Lewis Elementary (4-year-olds only)

    Marbrook Elementary

    Meadowwood School (children intergrate with the YMCA preschool)

    Mote Elementary

    Richardson Park Elementary

    Warner Elementary

    EYP also houses Red Clay's Child Find Program.  Child Find staff work with parents and child care centers in the Red Clay community to screen and evaluate children for potential developmental delays.  Click on here for more information about Child Find. 


    During the summer of 2019, administrator offices are at the Richardson Park and Warner sites.  Information can be found below. 

    Early Years Preschool, Preschool Child Find (526)

    Main Office:  Early Years at Richardson Park Elementary

    99 Middleboro Road, Wilmington, DE 19804

    Phone: 302.992.5574

    Fax: 302.995.5125

    Grades: Early Childhood


    Principal: Emily Warren

    Office:  Early Years at Richardson Park Elementary

    Secretary:  Elizabeth Grunza

    Phone:  302.992.5574


    Assistant Principal: Kelly Penoyer

    Office:  Early Years at Warner Elementary School

    820 W. 19th St., Wilmington, DE  19802

    Phone:  302.651.2740 ext. 228 

    Fax: 302.651.2611

    Secretary:  Lisa Cobb


    Assistant Principal:  Cari Phillips

    Office:  Early Years at Richardson Park Elementary site

    Phone:  (302) 992-5574

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