• Principal's Message

    Spring 2020

    Conrad Parents/Guardians-

    The last few weeks have brought unprecedented challenges to our community and around the world.  The COVID-19 pandemic came quickly and forced us to close our schools seemingly without warning. Since the closure on March 13th. Red Clay has waited patiently for next steps while taking actions to provide essential services to communities in need.  During these two weeks, some of our teachers were able to provide resources to keep your children connected to the school. Earlier this week, we received further direction on how to proceed with a remote learning framework from Dr. Harold Shaw, Red Clay Director, Curriculum & Instruction.  Please read the attached letter from Dr. Shaw to Red Clay families-

    After working with Dr. Shaw and the Red Clay team, Conrad came up with the plan outlined in this email..

    With this unprecedented crisis, social distancing mandate, and a short turnaround time, the plan may not be perfect, so please reach out to me with questions or concerns.  However, I am proud of what our faculty, staff, and administrative team has accomplished over the past few days and am excited to share it.

    We will utilize the following schedule to engage students on a weekly basis until the school closure has been lifted.  THIS SCHEDULE WILL BEGIN ON WEDNESDAY, APRIL 1ST.  Each class period will have some type of online direct engagement followed by technology-based student activities.  Specific directions as to how students will engage will be shared with students via Schoology and parents via email from each individual teacher.

    Mondays- 10:00am- Period 1

    1:00pm- Period 2

    Tuesdays- 10:00am- Period 3

    1:00pm- Period 4

    Wednesdays 10:00am- Period 5

    1:00pm- Period 6

    Thursdays 10:00am- Period 7

    1:00pm- Period 8

    While it is difficult to determine how long each class will be engaged during the allotted times, we estimate that students will be online for approximately 1:45 minutes per period on average and have other independent activities from time to time.

    SAT Prep, student aides, AP workshop, and AVID will not meet in this remote format but please reach out to these teachers if you need support from them with other classes.

    6th grade students currently in Spanish, Chinese, Business, and Technology for the 3rd marking period will continue in those same classes in this remote learning format.  They will not change to a new class until we return to school.  

    Our school email blasts will be sent on Thursday evenings and will offer Friday Funday resources for families. Examples include social emotional learning articles, life skills activities, career exploration, etc by grade level.

    Advanced Placement and Dual-Enrollment teachers will move forward on line in preparation for the AP exams and college credit opportunities.

    In just one week, our faculty came alive and “peer trained” each other remotely with web-based technologies such as Kahoot, Quizzizz, Flip Grid, NYT Learning Network, Screencastify, and Google Education extensions, amongst others.  One consistent web-based technology to engage your students will be Zoom. Here are directions for students on how to join a Zoom meeting- https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ApdmSc04mZYfmVDzl2uxz1gZE0c5N_wC/view?usp=sharing

    We will communicate with families as follows:

    • Weekly Email on Thursday evenings.
    • Automated phone call on Sunday evenings.
    • Teacher Office Hours- teachers will respond to any and all emails each day between 7:30am-10:00am.
    • Administrators will respond to emails 7 days a week.
    • All important information will be available on @ConradRedWolves on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as on the Conrad website in the Remote Learning Resources folder.
    • Of course, the most important contacts will be the regular communication you and your child receive from your teachers on a weekly basis.

    Here are some other important items that come to mind:

    •  No additional assignments for the 3rd Marking Period are being added beyond March 13th.  However, all teachers will communicate and allow students to complete work that was assigned any time during the 3rd marking period.
    • School Counselors and Psychologists are available for students and families at any time and will be communicating regularly to their caseloads.
    • Students and families can still use the School-Based Health Center as a resource.  They are asked to text to (302) 285-9661 between the hours of 8-4 M-F and an on call NP will get back to them within 24 hours.
    • Driver education students cannot drive with “Coach K” while schools are closed.  We will communicate a plan for driver ed once we return to school.
    • Please be reminded that as students engage in video conferencing, online blogging, and even personal social media applications, the student code of conduct is enforced.

    We are proud of our student body and our school community and we understand the impact this crisis has on young people.  Our students spend 8, 10, and sometimes 12 hours per day at Conrad and we feel the same void as they do. We hope to fill this void to some degree with this remote learning plan.

    We wish you and your family peace and health during these trying times.  Again, please do not hesitate to contact me.



    Mark T. Pruitt, Jr.


    Conrad Schools of Science