• Guidance Secretary

    Moira Pando


    302-992-5545, ext. 811

  • Middle School Counseling Staff

    Kristy Basara, School Counselor


    Serves students in Grades 7 & 8

    (302) 992-5545 (ext. 814)


    Nadia Borges, School Counselor


    Serves students in Grade 6 & ELL

    (302) 992-5545 (ext. 815)


    School Counseling program Mission Statements 

    The mission of the Conrad Schools of Science Counseling Program is to provide a comprehensive counseling program that aligns with ASCA standards. Our program will promote lifelong learners, academic achievement and overall social/emotional wellness. Through a partnership with staff, parents, and community stakeholders, we will remove barriers to provide equal access for all students to ensure that students are college and career ready. Conrad graduates will be productive citizens and lifelong learners in a diverse world.


    School Counseling Program Vision Statement

    All students from Conrad Schools of Science will be prepared to be college and career ready. Students are prepared to meet the challenges of the evolving 21st century. They achieve their fullest potential and use their acquired knowledge in the science and medical pathways to become lifelong learners, leaders, and productive citizens.