Activities & Clubs

  • Interscholastic Athletics  Provides competitive opportunities for students to grow athletically in 24 sports.
    Ambassadors Program To improve school climate through the coordination and implementation of a series of activities that will 1) increase parental involvement (Goal 5 of RCCSD Strategic Plan) and 2) improve students’ academic performance and attendance so that all students will graduate college and career ready.(Goal 3 and 4 of RCCSD Strategic Plan). 
    Jaguar Homework Club Provides assistance to students with organization, academics and attendance recovery
    YWCA - Girls Group Empowering young women to take control over their life by promoting self-awareness and respoect as well as sound decision making and problem solving.
    Book Buddies Selected Skylne Students walk down the hill afterschool and  read books to Heritage Elementary Students.
    Crochet for a Cause Teaches the art of crocheting to a new generation! It allows students to be creative and learn a new skill, with the ultimate goal of producing items (scarves, hats, blankets) to donate to local charities and groups in need. 
    Videography Club Students would learn videography and filmmaking skills and create videos to highlight events and promote the school.
    Art Club The Art Club is an after school activity that provides materials, instruction and support for those students who are seeking a creative outlet during the school year. During art club students will be free to explore using different drawing mediums such as painting and charcoal. Students will be able to discuss art, what types of art they like, and overall learn how to draw different types of art. Art club also helps to create school posters for other clubs and events that happen throughout the school year as well.
    Yearbook Club The Skyline Yearbook club produces an annual book to document the school year.  Students will assist the advisor with the design, sales and distribution of the book.  Yearbook club members will take pictures, write articles, proof names, and survey students.  It is a fun way to record the amazing contributions of the Skyline community.  
    Odyssey of the Mind Odyssey of the Mind is an international educational program that provides creative problem-solving opportunities for students from kindergarten through college. Team members apply their creativity to solve problems that range from building mechanical devices to presenting their own interpretation of literary classics. They then bring their solutions to competition on the local, state, and World level. Thousands of teams from throughout the U.S. and from about 25 other countries participate in the program.
    Science Olympics Drama at Skyline takes place in the form of a full staged musical.  Auditions for cast members are announced in January and rehearsals follow shortly after.  There are also opportunities for students to help with the production staff (make-up, lights, sound, stage crew, etc...) if they are not performing. 
    Student Council Student Council is dedicated to serving Skyline's needs through the use of the student body. Topics range from principal-appointed to teacher and student-appointed decisions, tasks, and projects.
    Chess/Games Club Students learn, play and compete in classroom tornaments.  New this year will be the addition of various games to offer a variety of activities to suite varying interests.
    Math League The students in Math League compete 4 times during the year.  The competitions are usually held on Mondays at one of the competing schools.  At the competitions students are part of a 5-person team.  Each student answers a math problem in a designated amount of time.  Correct answers earn the student's team a point.  Each competition consists of 7 problems.  Those students who do well during these competitions are invited to compete at the state level.
    Math Counts Math Counts is a program designed to get students excited about the math and science field.  Students compete in a school wide competition for the chance to compete in the state wide competition held at Delaware Technical Community College.   If they place in the top 4 they are invited to compete in a national level competition.    The Engineering Society of Delaware also organizes a day for students to visit the math and engineering fields at the University of Delaware and it gives the students an opportunity to see how the math they are learning now is used in different career paths.  
    Numerix Numbers Bee is an online computer program that incorporates mental math fluency with multi-step problem solving.  Skyline’s top math athletes practice in Skyline’s computer lab, then compete against other students in their grade for a chance to participate in the state tournament in May. The top scoring students in each grade continue to the tournament final where they will battle against students from other middle schools in the state for medals or trophies.  For the past few years Skyline has had a very respectable showing. 
    Drama  Drama at Skyline takes place in the form of a full staged musical.  Auditions for cast members are announced in January and rehearsals follow shortly after.  There are also opportunities for students to help with the production staff (make-up, lights, sound, stage crew, etc...) if they are not performing. 
    BPA The mission of Business Professionals of America Delaware Association is to build a strong foundation for our members to help enable them to develop leadership skills to use in their academics and the world class workforce while using their experience to engage future members.
    Marching Band/Pep Band Pep band, Jazz band, Wind Ensemble,6th grade band and small group sectionals 
    Chorus Chorus is an everyday part of the Skyline schedule for those who chose to participate.  Opportunities include competitive trips, master classes and concerts.  Students have the opportunity to enroll at the beginning of the school year with 
    NJHS NJHS is an honorary group for selected students. Eligibility is based on
    scholarship, service, leadership, and character. 
    Girl's Group The focus of girls club is on improving and strengthening  social interactions,
    self-awareness, and self-confidence, as well as providing tips and tools for success in school. The girls also volunteer their time to make a real difference for the Skyline community by helping with the Relay for Life and the school recycling program.