• Highlands Inclusion Statement


    The Red Clay Consolidated School District’s vision for inclusionary practice states:

    “All members of the Red Clay community will demonstrate the belief and expectation that every student be given equal opportunity and equal access to a high quality inclusive education with the ultimate goal of being college and/or career ready.

    All Red Clay schools will develop a greater capacity to teach all learners. The Red Clay School District is committed to continuous improvement through examining and realigning appropriate structures, supports, and resources for the instruction of all students in all schools.”


    Highlands Elementary School’s mission states:

    “Excellence for every child, every minute, every day, to accelerate achievement and prepare students for life…TOGETHER.”


    At Highlands we value each child as a diverse learner with unique needs. We have strengthened and developed our practice of including all unique learners in all grades. All students with disabilities receive services and instruction in the general education setting, utilizing co-teaching, parallel teaching and small group instruction. In all grades, small group instruction is used to engage with students at their current level of performance and to help them grow beyond. Some examples of our inclusive culture are:

    * Co-teaching model;

    * Peer supports;

    * Needs-based professional development;

    * Support staff to provide additional small group targeted reinforcement;

    * Implementation and continuation of supportive processes such as the Problem Solving Team and Positive Behavior Supports;

    * Extracurricular opportunities such as the SMART Academy, arts and technology enrichment, and athletic development.

    * Academic and social recognition such as Highlands’ Scholars Celebration and Positive Behavior Support King and Queen of the Week;

    * Parent educational support events and materials such as Literacy Nights.


    The Highlands community will continue to seek the support of staff, parents, and students as we work to ensure high academic achievement for all.





    Inclusion Motto: Every Child, Every Minute, Every Day