Welcome to Highlands Elementary School! I am the new principal of Highlands Elementary. The Highlands staff and I appreciate the opportunity to share in your child’s elementary educational experience.  As the new principal of Highlands Elementary School, I am both excited and honored to become a member of this great school community. Over the past month, I learned about the school from teachers, teacher leaders and school leaders.  I was delighted to learn of a few notable Highlands highlights.  

    • Two of Highlands Elementary staff are now trainers for Trauma Informed Practices for the state.
    • Highlands is a PATHS (Pathways to Alternative Thinking Strategies) model school.
    • The home of the wildcats was removed from the state’s school priority list.

    Certainly, Highlands is a gem in our great city of Wilmington.

    In my time in education, I learned one thing for certain, our role in education is to hold a relentless commitment to positioning children at the center of our work in education.  I also know for certain that our role in education is to extend the programming for “all” students. Our students are represented in a number of arenas. There are students whom we serve who require programs for demonstration of outstanding abilities and high performance.  Some students require supports and modifications and require motivation to assist in aspiring to greatness. There are other students who require social and emotional supports. Highlands is dedicated to meeting the vast needs of our student body. Personally, I am attracted to Highlands Elementary because its mission aligns with my core belief as an educational leader, “Excellence for every child, every minute, every day, to accelerate achievement and prepare students for life together.”  

    I look forward to learning with you this school year.  We will continue to develop our educational program so that our students are challenged academically engaged socially.  I am inspired by the collaboration of the Highlands community. As a school community, we will continue to build on the accomplishments of the past and meet the challenges of the future in innovative and exciting ways.

    It is with strong commitment that I am joining Highlands Elementary and am looking forward to leading and learning together.


    Yours in education, 

    C. Fitzgerald, Ed. D.


    Highlands Elementary School