• The AIHS Uniform – 2016-2017

    Students must wear:

    Shirts: Any solid color - Long sleeve or short sleeve collared polo shirts, or button up (brand logos are permitted but they must be small and discreet; two inches and under)

    Shirts: may be worn tucked or un-tucked (appropriate length), solid color undershirts of white or grey. Appropriate fitting T- shirts with AI logos, House logos or College logos permitted for SY 2016-17

    Sweaters and sweater vests/ cardigans: Students are permitted to wear solid color sweaters and or sweater vests and cardigans over their collared shirts. The collar must be exposed at all times.

    Pants:   Colors – navy, black, tan only- Dockers style pants (boys and girls)

    Pants: Must be worn on the hips or at the waist as to prevent the “sag and drag” look. They may be worn with or without a belt. Cargo pants and cargo shorts are permitted throughout the school year.

    Skirts: Colors – navy, black, tan only - Dockers style skirt only (girls)

    Skirts: no more than 4 inches above the top of the knee and may be worn all year

    Shorts: Colors – navy, black, tan - Dockers style or cargo short (boys and girls)

    Shorts: no more than 4 inches above the top of the knee and may be worn all year

    Outer wear (hoodies and jackets): Students are permitted to wear AIHS apparel during the school day. This includes team/ club hoodies and jackets. If the outer wear is removed, the required uniform shirt must be worn. Hoodies with name of college or university are permitted.

    The following list contains examples of clothing items that
    DO NOT conform to the AI dress code

    Yoga Pants                       Denim Shirts/Jean Jackets

    Flip-flops                          T-shirts (Unless they meet the criteria listed above)            

    Open-toed shoes               Hats/Head Scarves

    Slippers                            Decorative Scarves

    Jeans                               Bandanas

    Sweat pants                     Headwear covering ¼ of head or more.

    Pencil skirts                      Dresses