Alexis I duPont High School Dress Code

    AI high school dress code policy creates a sense of school community allowing students to show their Tiger Pride on the outside as well as they do on the inside.  Adherence to the dress code demonstrates a student’s agreement to be a part of our Tiger Pride community.

    Students must wear:

    • Collared Shirts:  solid colors only - Long sleeve or short sleeve collared “polo” style shirts, or button up (brand logos are permitted but they must be small and discreet; two inches and under)
    • AIHS T-shirts may be worn – this includes gym shirts, team apparel, club wear, and spirit wear.  (i.e – Tiger Pride t-shirts, Senior T-shirts, etc…)  May be worn tucked or untucked (appropriate length), solid color undershirts of white or grey
    • Sweaters and sweater vests/ cardigans:  Students are permitted to wear solid color sweaters and or sweater vests and cardigans over their collared shirts.  The collar must be exposed at all times
    • Sweatshirts and Hoodies: Students are permitted to wear AIHS and solid color sweatshirts and hoodies during the school day.  This includes Alexis I duPont team apparel, Alexis I duPont club wear and spirit wear. 
      • If the sweatshirt or hoodie is removed, the required uniform shirt must be worn. For the safety and security of everyone, all hoods must remain down at all times while inside the building.
    • Zip Up  Hoodie- Solid Colors(Student should still have shirt underneath which complies with dress code(collar or AIHS T shirt)- Zip Up Hoodie can only be solid color, should not have any decals, pictures, logos, lettering on front or back.
    • Pants:   Solid colors only- (no denim, spandex, leggings, or athletic pants) can be worn by students.  Must be worn on the hips or at the waist as to prevent the “sag and drag” look.  They may be worn with or without a belt.
    • Shorts and Skirts: Solid colors only - (no denim, or spandex)  style skirt option , no more than 4 inches above the top of the knee and may be worn all year. Solid colored tights may be worn underneath the skirt
    • Jackets: Students are permitted to wear jackets in the classroom from November 1 - March 30.  This ONLY applies to  AIHS team apparel, AIHS club wear and spirit wear jackets. 
      • If the jacket is removed, the required uniform shirt/sweater, sweatshirt/hoodie must be worn.
    • Footwear: Students may not wear sandals, flip flops or bedroom slippers.  Shoes may not have open toes or open backs.

    *Each student will be provided a secure locker.  Non-uniform items must be removed before the student day begins.  This includes jackets and hoodies that do not comply with the uniform. 


    Senior Monthly Dress Down: Held the date of the month corresponding with Senior Graduation Year, Senior T-Shirt, Jeans or appropriate pants must be worn