Early Years Admissions Information

  • Red Clay Early Years (EYP) Admissions Policy                                          

    The Red Clay Early Years Program (EYP) is committed to meeting the needs of preschool aged children with and without identified disabilities and their families. Children with identified disabilities/IEPs will receive free special education services (FAPE), and an early learning program in the Red Clay feeder pattern.

    • The families of children with IEPs do not need to apply for program admission, with one exception. Children who receive speech services as a child with a “Preschool Speech Delay (PSD)” who have a “Speech Only” IEP are considered “Community Peers” and must apply for program admission.
    • Children without identified disabilities/IEPs are Community Peers and must apply for admission to participate in an onsite program. For a child to be considered for admission as a Community Peer, the child must not be eligiblefor special education services.  If at any time during the application process, the child has been found to be eligible for special education services, you must contact the EYP office at (302) 992-5574.  At that time the child’s Community Peer Application will be withdrawn. 
    • The number of Community Peer openings may change at any time based on factors such as student withdraws, reassignment of students to other classes, program locations, etc.

    Community Peer Application Process:

    • Children eligible for the EYP Community Peer slots must be:
    1. Red Clay School District residents or
    2. Children of Red Clay School District employees.

    (Residency/Home Address must be in the state of Delaware with the primary or shared custodial parent(s)/legal guardian(s).  Residence/Home Address must be student’s primary home, not a rental or business property.)

    • EYP will accept applications throughout the year, and will offer an “Open Application Period” prior to each school year. The 2019-2020 Open Application Period is January 29, 2019-March 22, 2019. The Red Clay School District will advertise the EYP Open Application Period in a variety of ways, such as on the EYP website, at district schools and at community events.
    • All interested families will complete the Community Peer Application during the Open Application Period. Families will complete an online Community Peer Application at http://www.redclayschools.com/choice.  Families without internet access may visit Richardson Park Learning Center @ 99 Middleboro Rd.  Wilmington, DE 19804 – phone – (302) 992-5574 or Warner Pre-K Office @ 820 W. 19th  Wilmington, DE 19802 – phone – (302) 651-2607 to complete a paper application. 
    • Community Peers attending as three year olds may be accepted for their four year old year, but do need to reapply.
    • The waitlist does not carry over year to year. Families who applied for Community Peer slots when their children was three, but who were not invited/accepted, must reapply.
    • Parents/guardians may only submit one application per child per year.    
    • During the Open Application Period, all applicants must be at least three years of age on or before August 31stto apply for the following school year.Red Clay School District will attempt to fill all half-day slots with children who are at least three years of age on or before August 31st.  Once the school year begins, if half-day slots are available, Red Clay School District may enroll children whose third birthdays are on September 1stor after.
    • Parents/Guardians must agree that the information submitted via the Community Peer Application is true and/or correct. Providing information that is not true and/or correct may result in a Community Peer Application being removed from the Applicant Pool.
    • Please note that all Community Peers transportation to and from the program must be provided by the family. Excessive late pick-ups may remove the child from the program.

    Community Peer Lottery Process:

    • If oversubscribed at the end of the Open Application Period, EYP will hold a lottery in March, applying the preferences described below. Children whose applications are received after the Open Application Period will be placed on the waitlist.  If not oversubscribed, EYP will conditionally admit all students who apply during the Open Application Period, and will add students, based on the preferences below.
    • Families will be notified of their child’s invitation or placement on the waitlist on or before the last day of April.

    Preferences will be applied to fill EYP Community Peer slots in the order listed below:

    1. Enrolled children who are eligible to return (not yet kindergarten age).
    2. Children who attended the EYP program as a student with an identified disability, but have been dismissed from special education services, and are Red Clay School District residents.
    3. Siblings of children who are Red Clay School District residents, who are currently attending the Early Years Program, and will be in attendance the next year.This preference may be applied to the siblings of newly accepted students before, during, and after the lottery period.  The Sibling Preference is intended to keep families together.  A sibling is defined as a biological/adoptive sibling, a step-sibling, or a foster child residing within the same household.  Step siblings living in different households are not considered for a sibling preference.  If a student is enrolled from the lottery based upon the sibling preference, and the student currently attending EYP withdraws to go to another school, the sibling accepted during the lottery will be deemed to have lost acceptance status.  Same age sibling will be treated as one single applicant unit, rather than as multiple applicants.  When that one applicant unit is drawn in the lottery, the same age siblings will be numerically ordered on the waiting list or conditionally accepted dependent upon where in the lottery that applicant unit was drawn.  NOTE: Siblings of current students must submit an application during the Open Application Period to receive the sibling preference. 
    4. Children who have a Preschool Speech Delay (PSD) and are Red Clay School District residents.This preference may be applied before, during, and after the lottery period.
    5. Children whose parents/guardians are Red Clay School District Employees.
    6. Children who reside in Red Clay School District.

    Community Peer Invitation and Registration Process:

    • The families of invited children must pre-register their child by June 1, 2019.
    • At any time, Red Clay School District may choose to invite/enroll children who are district residents and have been evaluated for special education eligibility, but do not qualify for services. (pending available space)
    • Parents/guardians of Community Peers must complete an updated Developmental Screening at least one time every 12 months, or as requested by EYP staff. Families who do not complete an updated Developmental Screening as requested, may be withdrawn from EYP or excused from programming until Screening is completed.
    • If the complete Application Process is not received by June 1, 2019 (including proof of residence, shot records, current immunization schedule, birth certificate and all other information based on Red Clay School District’s Application Process), the child will be withdrawn from the pool of applicants.
    • Transportation must be provided by the family. Excessive late pick-ups may remove your child from the program. 
    • Tuition is due on the 5thof each month. Failure to pay will result in an automatic withdraw of your child from the program.