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About Our Department

  • The Office of District & School Services provide support services in the areas of Grant Development, Parent Outreach, Dropout Prevention, Summer School Programming and School Improvement.

    Support services include conducting a needs assessment by analyzing program data, monitoring program implementation for effectiveness and quality, and providing feedback into evaluating programs. Continuous improvement of installed programs through review of pertinent data and revision is major aspect of this process.

    Additionally, the Office of District & School Services engages in parent outreach efforts. This includes identifying students who at risk and are meeting with expected success in the traditional school setting and providing viable options whether academic or social. Parent outreach efforts are conducted to determine root causes and challenges facing students and their families with the attempt to resolve those challenges that impact student success.

    A major component of the Office of District & School Services is to establish Dropout Prevention strategies throughout all Red Clay schools and to conduct systemic reviews with school personnel to ensure that students identified through various types of data receive the necessary school level supports to resolve academic issues. Moreover, social factors that impede students’ successful matriculation through the school system are ascertained with viable options and services using outside agencies to resolve those types of problems that hinder progress.

    Providing meaningful and appropriate alternatives for students who are not initially successful is imperative to students completing promotion and graduation requirements. Through school improvement and summer programming efforts, schools are in a position of providing additional academic support aimed at sustaining progress in general and in assisting individual students in meeting course requirements through enrichment activities or remediation programs.

    The Office of District & Support Services is committed to ensuring that all students have access to high quality core academic programs, are included in extracurricular programs of interest, and receive appropriate support services to have an enriching educational experience.