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About Our Department

  • All Red Clay Consolidated School District Curriculum materials are located within the appropriate content area's Schoology Group.

    To receive the access code, email the appropriate content supervisor located at the left of the screen.

    Then, join the Schoology Group from your Red Clay Schoology Account.

    The mission of the Office of Curriculum & Instruction is to support the learning of every Red Clay student. Our department is responsible for ensuring teachers have the materials, professional development and resources to meet local, state, and national standards for what students are supposed to understand and be able to do in our schools.

    Our department supports all content and instruction for teachers, administrators, students and parents. We are directly responsible for the scope and sequence of the curriculum for all content areas, district wide assessments, RTI, Gifted and Talented students, Unified Arts, professional development, and support for students with disabilities and English Language Learners.

    Our department is comprised of the following offices:

  • District Office
    1502 Spruce Avenue
    Wilmington, Delaware 19805