Services for Students

  • All Red Clay Consolidated School District schools provide language development support to our English Learners (ELs).  Students who qualify for services will receive the additional support required in their feeder school or school of choice to increase their English language skills.  All ELs have access to the general education curriculum and additional resources that target English language development. 

    The following service options are available for ELs in the Red Clay Consolidated School District:

    • ESL Push-In: students receive language support and/or instruction in content area in the general education classroom by an ESL teacher/tutor
    • ESL Pull-Out: students receive language support in a small group by an ESL teacher/tutor
    • Dual Language Immersion: students receive language support and content area instruction simultaneously by English partner teacher (push-in/pull-out support may also be provided)
    • English Language Development: students in grades 6-12 receive language support in a scheduled course (may count as an elective)
    • Sheltered English Instruction: students receive language support in the classroom by content certified teachers who have received targeted training on scaffolding, supports, and strategies that are appropriate for ELs

    Please contact the Office of English Learners for specific information regarding program models available at each school. 

    The EL program is voluntary.  Parents may waive EL services at any time.  If you would like to waive services for the program, please get in touch with the Office of English Learners.


  • The identification of English Learners is completed in two specific steps within an established timeline- completion of the Home Language Survey upon enrollment and a diagnostic assessment. 

    The Home Language Survey (HLS) must be completed for all students registering in the Red Clay Consolidated School District.  Families provide the language information, sign, and date the survey. If there is a language other than English identified on the HLS, the EL Office will administer an assessment to determine eligibility. 


  • The WIDA MODEL™ for Kindergartners and the WIDA Screener for grades 1-12 are the placement tests that are administered, upon registration into any Delaware public school, to all students whose native language or home language is other than English. The test results help to determine whether students require language supportand the amount of contact hours they will receive. 

    In the Red Clay Consolidated School District, once a student is registered in a school and the information reaches the Office of English Learners, the student is tested within 25 days, in order to expedite the appropriate instructional placement.  Based on their results, the level of support and services to be provided is determined.  Language support is provided in all of our schools.

    After students are identified as English Learners and receiving the appropriate instructional support, they will continue to be assessed annually with the ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 until they meet the exit criteria set by the Delaware Department of Education.

    The results of all assessments are mailed home to parents.

Language Interpreters & Translations

  • The Office of English Learners provides interpreters to families for parent conferences, PTA/PTO meetings, Open House Nights, Family Fun Nights, Choice Nights, and other school and district events. Families should inform the school during registration if they require support.

    The office of English Learners also provides translations of documents that are sent home.  These documents include student data cards, lunch menus, Student Code of Conduct, school newsletters, nurse forms, CHOICE forms, referendum information, transportation forms, website information, school calendars, teacher notes, etc. Families should inform the school during registration if they require support.