• Wouldn’t it be great if you could learn the exact location of your child’s bus, and what time it will arrive at their stop? Red Clay has an app for that!  WheresTheBusTM allows families to follow progress of the bus before it arrives at the student’s assigned stop.  The district held a trial period last year, and so many families took advantage of the new technology that the district decided to offer the service on a permanent basis.

    As well as assisting families, Transportation Manager Kelly Shahan said the app has also proven beneficial to her department and schools. No longer does someone from transportation have to call a driver on their radio to learn where they are, they can simply check a screen.



    Signing up is free, and takes less than 5 minutes. 

    Visit www.WheresTheBus.com.

    1. Open the Parents Section (on the Left).
    2. Click Set Up Free Account
    3. Enter Code: 320210
    4. Enter Information
    5. Once Completed, you will receive a email to download the app.