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    Trouble Accessing DSC

    Red Clay staff use DSC (Data Service Center) for many day-to-day tasks.  

    1.  Locate DSC on www.insideredclay.com
    2.  Log in with the same credentials that you use when you log into your computer
    3.  If you cannot log into DSC, your network password may have expired
      • To avoid this problem, make sure you are regularly checking your email on a computer at:
      • Passwords expire every 120 days.  An email will be sent prior with directions to change 

    If you are locked out of email and DSC, please visit the Password Help Page

    Trouble Accessing IMS

    IMS (Information Management System) is the Department of Education portal for eSchool, Schoology, PDMS etc. 

    1. Locate IMS on www.insideredclay.com
    2. If you cannot remember your credentials, click the ‘Forgot Password’ button
    3. Enter your email address
    4. An email will be set with directions to change your password

    IMS Password Requirements


    •  At least 8 characters long
    • Contain at least 1 upper case alpha character
    • Contain at least 1 lower case alpha character
    • Contain at least 1 numeric character
    • Contain at least 1 special character (ex: ! @ # $ % ^ & *)
    • Not contain your user IMS ID
    • Not be equal to your last 4 passwords
    • Not be similar to your old password
    • Can not contain your first or last name


     For more information on how to request an IMS account, please review our Guide to Working From Home

    Clearing Cache and Saved Passwords

    Many password issues occur because browsers have old credentials saved.  This can be fixed by clearing your cache or turning off the option to save passwords.

    1. Clearing Cache
      • Open Chrome
      • At the top right, click More
      • Click More tools> Clear browsing data
      • At the top, choose a time range. To delete everything, select All time
      • Next to "Cookies and other site data" and "Cached images and files," check the boxes
      • Click Clear data
    1. Turning off Saved Passwords
      • Open Chrome
      • At the top right, click More
      • Select Settings
      • From the left menu select Autofill
      • Select the option to turn off ‘Offer to Save Passwords’

    If you are still having trouble, try to log in with another browser.  
    For more information on how to clear cache in other browsers, please visit our Clearing Cache page

    Chromebook Not Responding

    If your Chromebook is ‘stuck’ or not working properly, here are some easy steps to resolve.

    1. Restart the Chromebook
    2. Try removing the most recent app or extension installed.

    o   Uninstall an apps

      •  In the corner of your screen, select the Launcher Up Arrow
      •  Right-click the app you want to remove. Or, on your keyboard, press Shift + Search + Volume up.


    • Select Uninstall or Remove from Chrome
    • Select Remove


    o   Uninstall an extension

    • Open Chrome
    • Select More More tools > Extensions
    •  Next to the extension you want to remove, select Remove
    • To confirm, select Remove
    1. Remove your profile
      • Log out of the Chromebook
      • On the Chromebook sign-in screen, select the profile you want to remove
      • Next to the profile name, select the Down arrow
      • Select Remove this user
      • In the box that appears, select Remove this user

    When you remove an account, it is only removed from the Chromebook. The Google account itself, including its data and settings, will still exist. 

    For more chromebook tips, please review our  documentation on Chromebook Troubleshooting   and our Zoom Troubleshooting Tips on a Chromebook 

    How do I get a Schoology Account?

    Schoology is an application in IMS.  There are a few steps that  you need to do to activate your account. 

    1. Locate IMS on www.insideredclay.com
    2.  Log in with your credentials
    3. Click on the PDMS icon
    4. Register for any online course in PDMS to activate your Schoology account
      • Teachers:  Your Schoology  account will automatically become active within 24-48hrs 
      • Non-Teachers:  Please email helpdesk@redclay.k12.de.us  to have your account created

    For more Schoology information, please visit the Instructional Technology Schoology Page