Dell Laptop Help

  • Effective July 1, 2023, the network file storage "Z Drive" will be discontinued for all teachers. The Z Drive will no longer be accessible. Teachers should move files needed in their Z Drive to their Google Drive and continue to use their Google Drive for all saving needs. Google Drive allows teachers to access their files remotely and securely share files with colleges, students, and parents. 
  • Do you need help using the multiple displays in your classroom? Depending on the classroom layout, teachers have the ability to use 2 or 3 computer displays.
  • Check out this help document with Quick Tips and Tricks for using Windows 10. Windows 10 is the operating system on your laptop.
  • Teachers should not leave their laptops for daily substitutes to use. Teachers should not share their log on credentials with anyone, ever, including a substitute teacher. Sharing log on credentials with another user would be a violation of the Acceptable Use Policy. No one will ever ask you for your password either including anyone from our technology office. 
    • Substitute teachers are able to use the new SMART Panels in classrooms without logging into a computer. Click here to access the Using your SMART Panel with a Substitute Guide.
    • Substitutes are not issued district log on credentials unless they are Long Term Substitutes.
    • Teachers should leave their laptops for Long Term Substitutes to use while the teacher is out on leave.
  • If you need additional help please put in an Incident IQ Ticket, call (302-636-HELP) or email ( the help desk, or email or