Meet Our Donors
    Donations from 2007 to Present

    Friends of RCEF ($10,000+)

    AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP
    AT&T Corporation
    Hamilton, Anna C.
    Harrington Raceway, Inc.
    Longwood Foundation
    Quest Pharmaceuticals
    Welfare Foundation
    Wolf, Milton E. and Mary R.

    Valedictorian Society ($5,000 - $9,999)

    Saul Ewing
    Seiberlich Trane Energy Services

      Salutatorian Society ($2,500 - $4,999)

    Delmarva Power
    DuPont Center for Collaborative Research & Education
    Hamilton, Anna C.
    J.P. Morgan Chase
    Kuebler, Ralph A.
    Levin, Alan B.
    Seifred, Victoria A. and Stephen P.
    Wawa Inc.

    Honor Society ($1,000 - $2,499)

    ABHA Architects, Inc.
    ADT Security Services, Inc.
    Andrzejewski, Robert J. and Kathleen M.
    Bancroft Construction Company
    Bank of America
    Becker Morgan Group, Inc.
    Blue Cross Blue Shield of Delaware
    Bowman, Sandra L. and J. Michael
    Burris Firm, LLC (The)
    Byrd Group DE, LLC
    Byrd, Robert L.
    Cattermole, George R. and Lisa O.
    Comcast Financial Agency Corporation
    Cozen O’Connor Attorneys
    Delaware Food Industry Council
    Delaware State Chamber of Commerce
    Delaware State Dental Society
    Delaware State Education Association
    Delaware Technology Park, Inc.
    Delmarva Power
    Duffield Associates
    DuPont Center for Collaborative Research & Education
    Eaton, Duane and Antoinette
    Greggo & Ferrara, Inc.
    Harvey, E. Thomas
    Highmark Delaware
    Hoffman, Barbara A. and Robert
    IBEW Local 313
    Jaed Corporation (The)
    Kenny Family Foundation(The)
    Kuebler, Ralph A. 
    Loftus, Carolyn P. and Dennis L.
    Lubin, Andrew & Sarah
    M & T Charitable Foundation
    Pilots’ Association for the Bay and River Delaware (The)
    Plato Learning
    Roy Associates. LTD.
    Roy, Roger
    Seiberlich Trane Energy Services
    Sheridan Ford
    Simpers, Buck
    Smith Volkswagen, LTD.
    University of Delaware
    W.L. Gore & Associates
    Whiting Turner
    Wilmington University
    WSFS Bank

    Benefactor ($500 - $999)

    Allen Jr., William L. and Kim L. ED,D.
    Barclays Bank Delaware
    Bowman, J. Michael
    Cattermole, George R.
    Dayton ll, Robert and Teresa Tabalt
    Delaware Association of Realtors
    Delaware Building and Construction Trades Council
    Delaware Democratic Party
    Delaware Tech and Community College
    EDIS Administrative Services
    Freeman, Daniel J. and Floore, Jill M.
    Golder, Samuel L.
    Herr Foods, Inc.
    Hindes, Gary
    Hoffmann, Kenneth
    Jameson, Steve and Carla
    Keleher, John and Beatrice
    Kuebler, Ralph A.
    Latin American Community Center, Inc.
    Lubin, Andrew M.
    New Castle Chamber of Commerce
    NOR Enterprises, Inc.
    Raser, Jonathan M. 
    Red Clay Educational Association
    Richards, Layton & Finger
    Roy, Roger P. and Paula K.

    Schlep, Carsten and Neubohn, Ulrike
    Supercritical Fluid Technologies, Inc.

    Thompson, Catherine H. - RCCSD-School Board President 21-22

    Scholars ($250 - $499)

    American Kitchen Machinery Repair Company, Inc.
    Amoroso’s Baking Company
    Apex Piping Systems, Inc.
    Bath Saver Inc.
    Blue Cross Blue Shield of Delaware
    BPG Office VI Baldwin Tower LP
    Buckley’s Inc.
    Costanzo, Frank A.
    Fletcher, Kristin L.
    Holloway, William J. and Maryann
    J. P. Morgan Chase
    Joseph Janvier Jewelers, LLC
    Kennedy, Susan
    Linarducci, Gary C.
    Manning, Martha L. and William E.
    New Castle County
    Pleasant Hill Lanes, Inc.
    QPS, LLC
    Strategic Diagnostics, Inc.
    Thermo Fisher Scientific/Nano Drop Technologies, LLC
    U.S. Food Service

    Dean’s List ($100 - $249)

    Advance, Inc.
    Alexander, Dorothy Wood and Everett E.
    Baird, Malcolm
    Bakerian, David G.
    Barbieri, Michael A. and Barbara A.
    Barnardon Haber Holloway Architects PC
    Basara, Thomas A. and Janet M.
    Batta Environmental Associates, Inc.
    Becnel Jr., Mary Lou and Irwin J.
    Bernart, Doug and Eileen
    Blevins, Michael and Patricia M.
    Blunt, Theodore
    Booker, Julian H. and Susan N.
    Boyer, Theodore, L.
    Brockel, Steven W. and Mary J.
    Brokaw lll, Roberts W.
    Broomall, Hugh T. and Pamela C.
    Buchanan, Ingersol & Rooney PC
    Buck Simpers Architect + Associates, Inc.
    Buckley, James J. and Gemma 
    Burns, Thomas A. and Miro, Joseph E.
    Bushweller, P. Raquel and Brian J.
    Cab Calloway School Fund
    Cain, Jerry
    Carper for Senate
    Casale Construction, LLC
    Casey, Jr. Judith J. and John J.
    Charter School of Wilmington (The)
    Cochran, Bryan M. and Cecilia
    Committee to Elect Byron Short
    Committee to Elect David McBride
    Committee to Elect James J.J. Johnson
    Conaway, Joseph T. and Joann T.
    Cook, Nancy W.
    Cornish, Myron Cortez
    Cresci, Martin and Cheryl
    Dabson, Wayne N.
    Daniello, John D.
    Delaware Community Foundation
    Delaware Healthcare Association
    Devlin, Thomas J. and Barbara S.
    Dombrowski, Cynthia C.
    Doody, Jr. Mary M. and James T.
    Dougherty, Melvin B. and Kimberly S.
    Durnan, Jeffrey J. and Elizabeth
    Durnell, Barbara A.
    Eachus, Kathleen E. and Steven R.
    Eddinger, David Paul
    Ennis, Bruce Clyde
    Fishbach, George C. and Janice
    Five Star Home Foods, Inc.
    Fleming, Dorothy Y. and William
    Fletcher Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.
    Fletcher, Kristin L.
    Ford, Paul L. and Ann M.
    Gallo lll, Alfred V. and Jennifer
    Garrison, Jr., Clair P. and Edward W.
    George & Lynch Inc.
    George, Andrea K. and Thomas F.
    Green, Susan W. and Earl D.
    Gutter Helmet Systems/Lednor Corporation
    Hall, Joseph J. and Catherine J.
    Hall, William T. and Jean M.
    Halter, Todd L. and Stephanie L.
    Hammer and Nails Club
    Harrington, Harold R. and Marjorie Ann
    Hedrick, James R. and Sarah Jane
    Hendrick, Edward S. and JoAnn M.
    Hoeter, James E. and Margaret J. 
    Howard, Patricia W.
    Hudson Campaign Committee
    Hutchison, Donald D. and Donna Marie
    Hynes, Edward J.  
    Ianire, John H. and Donna
    Ianni, Francis A. and Carmela J.
    Jackson-Horgan, M. Catherine and Horgan, Steven J.
    Jaques, Jr. Carole B.J. and Earl G.
    Johns, Mary Anne
    Johnson, Joseph E.
    Johnson, Maurice H. and Dorothy J. Sutherland-Johnson
    Kearns, Francis J. and Elizabeth M.
    Kempski, Jr. Diane M. and Robert J.
    Kempski, Kathleen M. and Terrence F.
    Kerkosak, Rudolph, F.
    Kilpatrick, Janet
    Kleban, Sharon L. H. and Allan M.
    Kovach, Janet Adams and Louis E.
    Kowalco, Constance M. and John A.
    Kozikowski, Michael E. and Cheryl J.
    Kurian, Joseph V. and Sherly
    Laird Stabler & Associates, LLC
    Landgraf, Rita M.
    Langrell, Lucille Ovebay
    Langrell, Thomas C.
    Larson, Patricia and Duane G.
    Laushey, Timothy L.
    Lavelle, Gregory Francis
    Lawson, Jr. Victoria A. and Michael R.
    Lemon, Anne and Herman, Robert F.
    Little, Brian
    Loftus, Eric C. and Jennifer
    M & T Bank
    Malin, Edward and Constance S.
    Malloy, John R. and Maraleta
    Margerison, Lee
    Marshall, Kenneth C. and Geraldine M.
    Martin, Roger A. and Adelaide 
    Mattix, Brian C. and Kathleen E.
    Mayer, David L.
    McBride, Sally E. and David C.
    McGee, William T.
    McKersie, Alan D. and Dawn
    McLaughlin, Jr. Lisa C. and Paul J.
    McLucas, Ronald M.
    McMahon, John J. and Joan J.
    Middleton, George A. and Linda S.
    Miller, Lawrence H. and Florence B.
    Minner, Ruth Ann
    Mobley, Kendall B.
    Moore, Brian and Karen
    Morrison, Ken and Patricia
    Moultrie Zenobia C.
    NCCSE Employees Credit Union
    Newcott, Brian and Mary D.
    Norris, Mary Elizabeth and Edward D.
    O’Neill, Jr. F.J.
    Osborne’s Auto, Inc.
    Palombo, Jr., Laura J. and John M.
    Partnership Inc. (The)
    Pellegrino, David
    People for Brady
    Peterson for Senate
    Pike Creek Animal Hospital
    Pochomis, Edward J. and Cynthia L.  
    Podiatry Associates, PA
    Polidori, John Patrick
    Poorman, Bari E. and Rita M.
    Preferred Electric, Inc.
    Provine, William D. and Annette Woolard-Provine
    Pruitt, Jr. Terri T. and Mark
    Ramakrishnan, Kathiravan
    Ramone, Michael and Lisa
    Red Clay Consolidated Food Service Workers Association
    Red Clay Paraprofessional Association, Inc.
    Red Clay Secretaries Association
    Rehoboth Beach Yacht and Country Club
    Reuter, Jennifer L. and Kenneth C.
    Rink-Abel, Marju
    Rodel Charitable Foundation
    Rumford, Frank E. and Kathleen C.
    Salvo, Rita Devlin and Salvo, Jr. Paul T.
    Sassaman, Paul G. and Terry M.
    Sears ll, Fred C. and Jo Ann T.
    Smith, Christine L.
    Snyder, Kimberly
    Sorenson, Boyd W. and Liane M.
    Spart, James and Faye
    Strawbridge, Susan G. and Robert T.
    Strickland, W. James
    Sullivan, Jr. Catherine D. and Lawrence
    Sullivan, Raven N.
    Swartz, Jamie
    Talmo, Ronald
    Tentromono, Marion R. and John L.
    Thomas, Linda R.
    Travis, Thomas J. and Susanna M.
    Tri-State (c/o) Francis Nick Sanna
    Van Veen, Joseph A. and Nancy J.
    Vavalla, Marguerite E.
    Vavalla, Marguerite, E. and Shutt lll, Robert G.
    VEL Micro Works Inc.
    Viola, John J. and Andria L.
    Visalli, Ann Shepard
    Walling, Joseph R. and Sadie M.
    Ware, Melva L.
    Wayman Fire Protection, Inc.
    Weaver, Wayne D. and Donna E.
    Werb, Dade D. and Marybeth Smith
    Western, Jean F. and Williamson, James T.
    Whatham, Mark and Maryann
    Willoughby, Barry M.
    Wilmington University
    Wilson, Gregg B. and Nancy J.
    Wroten, Kathleen Marie and Lee W.