Pear Deck

pear deck premium!


All Red Clay educators and students have access to Pear Deck Premium! 

Pear Deck Premium includes additional features like the Teacher Dashboard, student paced mode for asynchronous learning or centers, the draggable and drawing question types, the immersive reader, audio slides, and individual student feedback.

Pear Deck and the Instructional Technology team offered multiple Professional Development sessions throughout last school year regarding Pear Deck. Click here to choose a session or watch a video that interests you.

Teachers can find Pear Deck in Google Slides and in ClassLink.

Choose which access option works best for you:

  • Option 2:
    1. Click the Pear Deck icon in ClassLink to be automatically logged in or go to and log in as a Teacher using your Red Clay Google account credentials.
    2. Click create lesson. This will create a new Google Slides presentation for you. You can add Pear Deck interactive slides to your new lesson from the Pear Deck pop out on the right.
      • Remember, not every slide in your presentation needs to be a Pear Deck interactive slide. You can still have slides with no student interaction.

Each building has 1 or 2 Pear Deck Lead Teachers. Usually, this is the school’s librarian. Contact them if you have questions or need help using Pear Deck. You can also email Courtney Kalbach or Karen Ammann.

Pear Deck Tutorial Videos

Additional Pear Deck Resources: