Leaving the District for Employees

There are three important tasks that should be done by departing Red Clay employees to help ensure a smooth transition out of the district.

Part 1: Are you a current Red Clay employee but you are leaving the district and want to take your files with you? Use the below support documents to help you take your instructional technology materials with you.

  1. Save your computer files to Google Drive
  2. Transfer your Google Drive contents to another account.
  3. Transfer or download your Schoology materials.

Part 2: Do you have files and folders that you shared through Google Drive with your co-workers? Review the options below for transferring ownership of files to other Red Clay employees. 

  1. Create a Shared Drive in Google Drive. This option is helpful for teams or groups of users that work together often and have lots of files in their Google Drive. Everyone in the Shared Drive has access to the files even if someone leaves. Click here and read more about Shared Drives.
  2. Transfer ownership of Google Drive files/folders to a current Red Clay employee so that they do not lose access to important instructional files. This option is helpful for users that only have a few files or folders and want to transfer ownership to one person. Click here to learn how to transfer ownership of files in Google Drive.
  3. If you do not add your files to a Shared Drive or transfer ownership to another employee, your Google Drive files and Google account will be disabled when you leave the district. As a result, no one will have access to those files. Files that others may need access to will NOT be accessible if you are the owner of that file. Either move the files to a Shared Drive or transfer ownership of the file to another employee. Otherwise, the file will be lost. 

Part 3: Download your employee data from DSC. Download and save the workshops you attended under Professional Development and download and save your DPAS information. DSC has been deleting this teacher data that teachers may need in their future endeavors.