Data Service Center

Data Service Center (DSC) provides Red Clay with information processing and support services. Locate DSC in ClassLink. Log in to ClassLink with your Red Clay Google Account credentials.

Red Clay teachers use DSC for many day-to-day tasks. Below are the basic applications you need to know in DSC:

  • *DSC Web Reports & Search: Search for class rosters and student credentials for logging into Google and Schoology.
    • Teachers can locate student Google usernames and passwords in Data Service Center.
      1. Log in to Data Service Center through ClassLink.
      2. Click *DSC Web Reports & Search
      3. Click AD Accounts By Course, Homeroom, or School
      4. Locate the Google Email (which is the Google username that is used for sign in) and Google Password list for your students.
        • All student usernames begin with "s." and are followed by
        • Be sure to double check usernames for students with hyphenated last names.
        • Please note: The default password for students is their student ID number, unless the password was changed. If the student default password does not work, contact your school librarian as he or she can reset the password for the student.
  • Absense Request: Submit an absense to notify your administrators that you will be out. You must also request a sub. 
  • DPAS & Walkthrough: A teacher's personal information regarding DPAS and walkthroughs.
  • English Language Learners: Information regarding a teacher's EL students.
  • Field Trip: Submit a field trip request.
  • I-Tracker Pro: View details regarding students' assessment data, interventions, and grades.
  • Professional Development: Register for professional development opportunities within Red Clay.
  • Progress Book: Submit grades for teachers and students in grades 1-3.
  • RAP - Discipline: Submit a Referrel for a student based on behavior.
  • Timesheets (Reported Time): Submit EPER time.


For further assistance, please contact the DSC Help Desk: