NEW! Check out these updates to Assessments!


Schoology has updated their assessment platform to provide question types that are more like SBAC questions. 

Click here to read Schoology's Assessment Guide which include Test/Quiz and Assessments: 

Click here to read about Schoology's NEW Advanced Assessment Tools:


Test/Quizzes are still a wonderful place to create assessments using the true/false, multiple choice, ordering, short-answer, fill in the blank, and matching question types.

Assessments should only be used when you want to take advantage of the new question types.


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Please be aware that there are limitations to the NEW Assessment Material. Be sure to read and recognize these limitations to help you choose between the test/quiz or assessment material types.

The limitations are listed below:

  • No native audio/video recording (embedding audio files is currently available).
  • No automatic student feedback as it exists in test/quiz today.
  • No question-level comments as it exists in test/quiz today. 

Watch the videos to learn how to create each question type within the Assessments feature on Schoology: