Archived Course

Courses become archived after the Grading Period end date. Grading periods in Schoology are set to match the Grading Periods in eSchool and cannot be altered.  Grading Periods refer to the dates of when each Marking Period begins and ends. Archived courses are still accessible to teachers. Students cannot access archived courses. When a course is archived because the grading period has ended, teachers can view archived courses by clicking Courses, then My Courses, then select the Archived tab. Once the grading period has ended and the course has archived, teachers cannot sync grades from Schoology to eSchool. 

Click here to access directions on how to locate your archived Schoology courses.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Why are teachers unable to create Schoology Courses?
    • Restricting the ability for teachers to create courses also restricts their ability to delete courses. It is vital that course admins do not delete eSchool generated Schoology courses because if a course admin deletes the course, the course is deleted for all of the members, including students. If this mistake is not fixed quickly, then the Schoology course is generated again through the overnight sync. The newly generated Schoology course becomes the course now linked to eSchool and has none of the course materials from the deleted course. At this point, the deleted Schoology course is inaccessible to everyone and the teachers can no longer sync grades from this course to eSchool. This can be fixed. However, it is an arduous task that only Schoology Support can perform and it can take weeks to resolve.
    • Teachers that use Schoology AMP assessments need to use their eSchool generated courses because AMP assessments are pushed out using eSchool course codes. Manually created Schoology courses are not tagged to eSchool course codes and the course naming conventions teachers use are all unique. 
    • Teachers do not always archive courses that they manually create. As a result, students are still enrolled in courses that they used last year or even a few years ago. If there are discussions or places where students can interact with each other, then students can continue to communicate with each other, which could potentially be unmonitored by teachers.
  • How do I reactivate an Archived Course?