End of the Year: Schoology Best Practices

At the end of the school year, it is a good idea to clean up your Schoology courses in order to ensure an easy transition into the new school year! 

There are three important steps to review at the end of the school year:

  1. Save your Course Materials so that you can reuse them next school year. (Note - ALL eSchoolPlus generated courses will automatically be archived and accessible for teachers next year too.)
  2. Access Archived Courses in order to know where your courses from past years are located.
  3. Archive Manually Created Courses and Groups.
    • This step is especially important for teachers that created courses and groups such as a “Remote Learning Course” or “Freshman Class Group.”
    • These courses and groups will not automatically archive at the end of the school year. Teachers must do this manually.
    • If this is not done, students and families will have access to these courses or groups next school year and beyond.
    • Students may be able to continue to access course materials or post in discussions or updates and families will continue to get notifications from the course or group even though the course or group is from previous year and no longer relevant to the student or parent.

Course archiving will occur on June 12, 2024.

Click here to access a PDF providing directions and videos on how to perform each step.


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