Community Financial Review Committee

  • The committee was established to assist the Red Clay Board of Education with financial oversight and ensure community involvement in Red Clay's budgetary processes.


    Officially formed on September 19, 2007, and as stated in the bylaws approved by theBoard at its June 18, 2008 meeting, the committee will:


    • Monitor current spending, its relationship to the budget and the district’s overall financial health (this may include examination of historic, current and projected financial data)
    • Provide affirmation/verification of financial information to the Red Clay School Board which includes the development of a monthly financial report
    • Provide a medium for the dissemination of financial information and materials to the community relative to the Red Clay School District and promote an understanding of the budget process
    • Provide consultation and guidance to the Red Clay School Board on matters relating to finance and perform other review and recommendation functions as directed by the Board


    For more information on the committee, please refer to the bylaws.



    Board members also named several members to the committee, including:


    • Community representatives:
      • Jane Rattenni – Committee Chair
      • Robert Chase
      • Lynne McIntosh
      • Tom Pappenhagen
      • Nate Schwartz
    • Red Clay Education Association representative:
      • Mike Matthews
    • Red Clay Consolidated School District representative:
      • Jill Floore
    • Red Clay Board of Education member (who will also serve as liaisons to the full Board of Education and Red Clay administration):
      • Catherine Thompson